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bone-tec 2019

International Bone-Tissue-Engineering Congress

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  CALL FOR SYMPOSIA - Online submission only
  Research teams and scientific societies are invited to organise symposia for bone-tec 2017.

    Proposals on any topics relevant to

    -   Scaffolds and matrices for musculoskeletal engineering
    -   Drug delivery systems
    -   Growth factors and Gene therapy
    -   Cells and cell-based therapies
    -   Immune system and musculoskeletal tissue regeneration
    -   Bone regeneration
    -   Cartilage, ligament and tendon engineering
    -   Regeneration of Musculoskeletal interfaces
    -   Novel strategies to musculoskeletal regeneration: Bioreactors and cell printing technologies
    -   Clinical applications and hurdles of clinical translation

      including scaffolds, matrices, drug release systems, cells and growth factors
      and clinical application

    from 1 to 2 hours are welcome.


    When preparing a symposium, please include the names of the chair, the co-chair and at least one keynote-speaker. (Chair and co-chair can also be keynote-speaker.) At least three significant papers, incl. Journal Impact Factor preferably, regarding the work to be presented have to be indicated.

    Please note, that depending on the submitted abstracts other authors will be able to share your symposium with their presentation.

    Deadline for bone-tec 2017 symposia proposal application : 14th
    July, 2017

    Thereafter, proposals will be reviewed by the advisory board. Chairs will be notified of their acceptance/rejection by the beginning of August.

    Together with the confirmation of symposia acceptance all symposia keynote-speakers will be requested to submit their abstracts by 1st August, 2017.

    Registration deadline for bone-tec 2017 symposia chair, co-chair and all keynote-speakers is
    1st August, 2017.

    ! Congress registration by symposia chair, co-chair and all named keynote speakers is essential !

    The contact information defined on the abstract form must be that of the chair. All correspondence (primarily by e-mail) will be sent to the chair.

    Guidelines for symposia proposal application:

    1. Synopsis must be submitted in English.
    2. Standard abbreviations must be used. Other abbreviations must be defined in brackets after the first use of the word.
    3. The title should be in capitals.
    4. 250 words is the maximum length for a synopsis.
    5. It is the chair ’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract; any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific fact will be published as typed by the author.
    6. To avoid any misunderstanding, please note that the organizers of bone-tec 2017 are not able to provide any financial support or the like to the congress attendees.

    All proposals must be prepared according to the guidelines. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will be returned to the chair and must be resubmitted immediately in the correct format to be considered for inclusion in the programme.

    >> Click here for bone-tec 2017 online symposia submission

    All questions concerning symposia or proposal application should be addressed to:

    Note: If you have difficulty in getting through, please just email your name, address etc.
    and intentions to:



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