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International Bone-Tissue-Engineering Congress

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  Accepted abstracts for oral/poster presentations
(in alphabetical order)

Andersson, Per Johan Martin; Sweden
Soft-Templated Bio-Active Nanomaterials for Osseointegration
Abdul Rahim, Mohamed Sharif; Singapore

Fetal Mesenchymal Stem Cell Extracellular Matrix as a Novel Cell Culture Platform for Ex Vivo Expansion of Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Al Sharabi, Niyaz; Norway
Dental Tissue Regeneration After Rat Tooth Replantation Using Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells- Conditioned Medium
Alexander-Friedrich; Dorothea; Germany
Strategies for the Isolation of Osteogenic Progenitors Derived From the Jaw Periosteum
Ardjomandi, Nina; Germany
Biofunctionalization Strategies for Scaffolding Materials: Immobilization of Peptides and Oligonucleotides
Becker, Stephan; Austria
Injectable Biomaterials in Orthopaedics and Traumatology - Experiences and Expectancies
Birch, William; Singapore
Releasing a Bioactive Polysaccharide from Bioresorbable Materials
Chan, Jerry; Singapore
Bone Tissue Engineering - The Translational Aspect
Chenloong Yeo, David; Singapore
Microneedles to Combat Keloid Fibrosis: An Innovative Approach for Wound Healing
Choi, Seok Hwa; South Korea
Preliminary Evaluation of Novel Bone Graft Substitute Produced by Duck-Beak Bone
Choi, Seok Hwa; South Korea
Evaluation of Bone Generation on Hydroxyapatite / Alumina Bilayered Scaffolds in Dogs
Chong, Mark; Singapore
Generation of Prevascularised Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
Chong, Mark; Singapore
Optimising the Conditions for Effective Harvest of Endothelial Outgrowth Cells
Chuah, Yon Jin; Singapore
Development of Intervertebral Disc Constructs Resembling the Micro-architecture of Native Discs
Chun, Yong Yao; Singapore
Hydroxyl Apatite-Hydrogel Microcarriers for Bone Tissue Engineering
Chun, Yong Yao; Singapore
A 3D Injectable Hydrogel-Hydroxyl Apatite Hybrid Scaffold for Bone Regeneration
Cool, Simon; Singapore
Bone Tissue Engineering Using Glycosaminoglycans with Enhanced Growth Factor Affinity
Dang, Tram; US
Enhanced Function of Immuno-Isolated Islets in Diabetes Therapy by Co-Encapsulation with an Anti-Inflammatory Drug
Davison, Noel; The Netherlands
Surface Structure of Tricalcium Phosphate Directs Osteoinduction and Osteoclastogenesis in a Process That Is Blocked by Phagocyte Depletion
Davison, Noel; The Netherlands
Topographical Control of Osteoclastogenesis by Submicron Structured Tricalcium Phosphate
De Bruijn, Joost; The Netherlands
A Materials Approach to Bone Regeneration
Ferhan, Abdul Rahim; Singapore
Gold Nanoparticle-Polymer Composites with Controllable Two- and Three-Dimensional Nanoparticle Density
Gao, Yu; Singapore
Non-invasive Raman Imaging in Bone Scaffold for Evaluation of Bone Formation
Goh, Bee Tin; Singapore
Bone Tissue Engineering for Oral and Maxillofacial Applications
Gurin, Alex; Russia
Alginate Bioresorbable Membrane and Octacalcium Phosphate Biomaterial for Guided Bone Regeneration
Haddon, Alexandra; UK
Can We Make Bones Heal Better and Quicker If We Feed Them the Right Stuff?
Hartrianti, P.; Singapore
Crosslinked Keratin-Alginate Sponges as Novel Matrices for Tissue Engineering
Hutmacher, Dietmar; Australia
Bone Regeneration Based on Tissue Engineering - 21st Century Concepts
Jansen, John A.; The Netherlands
Bone Replacement or Bone Regeneration
Kakkar, Monica; India
In Vivo Studies on the Differential Effect of Inhibitors on the Collagen Induced In Vitro Mineralization and Ion Exchange Reactions
Kakkar, Monica; India
Mechanism of Action of Fluoride to Influence Collagen Induced In Vitro Mineralization and Ion Exchange Reactions
Ker, Dai Fei Elmer; US
Growth-Factor Immobilized, Mechanically-Graded Polymers That Mimic the Bone-Tendon Interface for Rotator Cuff Repair
Khademi, Farzaneh; Iran
Improved Bone Tissue Characteristics Using Incorporation of Nanofibrous into Spongy Scaffold
Khalid, Mohammed
Avascular Necrosis of Bone - The Formidable Challenges. Is There a Possible Role for Stem Cell Therapy?
Kirkpatrick, C. James; Germany
In Vitro Simulation of the Regenerative Niche in Bone
Kisiel, Marta; Sweden
Complexation and Sequestration of BMP-2 from an ECM Mimetic Hyaluronan Gel for Improved Bone Formation
Knothe Tate, Melissa; Australia
Next Generation Approaches to Bone and Tissue Regeneration
Kop, Alan; Australia
Integration of Tissue Engineering with Current Cranioplasty Practice
Layland, Shannon; Germany
IT Tools and Processes to Enhance Peer Review
Lee, Eunyoung; South Korea
Experimental and Clinical Studies of Rapidly Processed Autogenous Tooth Osteoplant (Top) for Alveolar Bone Reconstruction
Lee, Jia Min; Singapore
Bioprinting for Tissue Engineering
Lim, Jing; Singapore
Magnesium as a Regulator of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Proliferation and Differentiation for Bone Regeneration
Lim, Jing; Singapore
Polymer Powder Processing Techniques for the Generation of Polymer Matrices with High Tricalcium Phosphate Content
Link, Dennis; The Netherlands
eCOO® Technology: The Future for Cleaner and Safer Tissues for Regenerative Medicine
Liu, Changsheng; China
Strategies for the Development of Biomaterials Based on the Clinic Demands
Lui, Yuan Siang; Singapore
Sustained Release of Naproxen Sodium in from Electrospun Aligned PLLA/PCL Scaffold for Tendon Tissue Regeneration
Mobini, Sahba; Iran
In Vivo Degradation of Natural/Regenerated Silk Composite Scaffolds
Ostrowska, Barbara; Poland
3D Fiber-Deposited Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering. Influence of Internal Geometry on Mechanical and Biological Properties
Peck, Yvonne; Singapore
Development of an In Vitro 3D Cartilaginous Tissue Model of Inflammatory Cytokine-Induced Osteoarthritis
Poon, Ling Jun; Singapore
Towards the “Heart” of Bio-Printing – Low Cost Solution for a Printed Cardiac Patch
Ragazzini, Sara; Italy
Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Platelet Gel Improve Bone Deposition within Cad-Cam Custom-Made Ceramic Ha Scaffolds for Condyle Substitution
Ravichandran, Akhilandeshwari; Singapore
Dynamic Compressive Forces inside Biaxial Bioreactor for Bone Tissue Engineering
Rodella, Luigi Fabrizio; Italy
Sodium-DNA for Bone Regeneration: An Experimental Study in Rats
Rosado Balmayor, Elizabeth; Germany
Increased Osteogenesis after Delivering Chemically Modified Messenger RNA Encoding for BMP-2 in Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Schantz, Jan-Thorsten; Germany
Regenerative Medicine in Craniofacial Surgery: Development of an Integral Concept Combining Microvascular Surgery and Bioactive Cell-biomaterial Constructs
Schenke-Layland, Katja; Germany
Biochemical Fingerprinting Cartilage - Non-Invasive Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Proteoglycans and Chondrocyte Differentiation State
Schuckert, Karl-Heinz; Germany
The Gap between Lab and Clinic
Shi, Pujiang; Singapore
Silk Fibroin Based Biomaterials for Bone/Bone Tunnel Regeneration
Soares, Rosane; Brazil
Development of Bioactive PVA Hydrogels Crosslinked by Different Methods
Sow, W. T.; Singapore
Human Hair Keratin Based Fibrous Matrices for Tissue Engineering
Srinivasan, Sharan; India
Large Craniotomy Defects - Reconstruction with 3D Bioresorbable Scaffolds - Clinical Case Studies with 2 Different Surgical Techniques
Srouji, Samer; Israel
A New Strategy for Bone Regeneration: The Challenge and the Key to Success
Swieszkowski, Wojciech; Poland
Evolutionary Design of Bioresorbable Scaffolds Using Numerical Modeling
Tan, Tuan Chun; Singapore
Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2-Binding Heparan Sulfate as an Adjuvant for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy in Bone Repair
Tan Yong Sheng, Edgar; Singapore
Solvent Free Fabrication of Biodegradable Microfiber Fascicles for Tendon and Ligament Tissue Engineering
Ten Dijke, Peter; The Netherlands
Taking Insights from High Bone Mass Diseases to New Anabolic Therapies
Teoh, Swee-Hin; Singapore
Beyond Bone Grafting - The Promise in Stem Cells, Growth Factors and Bioreactor Technology
Tewari, Surendra; US
Attachment and Proliferation of Osteoblast Cells on Ti-6AL-4V Surfaces in the Absence of Exogeneous Proteins
Van Griensven, Martijn; Germany
Clinical Aspects of Bone Engineering
Visser, Rick; Spain
A Collagen-Binding Rgd Biomimetic Peptide for Bone Regeneration
Wang, Dan; US
TLR4 Mediates the Regenerative Effects of Bone Graft on Calvarial Repair
Weber, Franz; Switzerland
An Osteoconductive Rapid Prototyped Titanium Scaffold for the Delivery of BMPs and its Enhancer NMP
Wu, Huanhuan; China
Comparison of Different Porous Scaffolds for Clinical Compliant Human BMSCS-Based Bone Tissue Engineering
Xue, Jingwen; Singapore
Effects of Electrical Stimulated Hierarchically Porous Chitosan/Graphene Scaffold on the Proliferation and Differentiation of Fibroblasts and Stem Cells
Yabuuchi, Takayoshi; Japan
Hybrid Scaffolds Composed of Amino Acid Coated Sponge and Hydroxyapatite for Hard Tissue Formation by Bone Marrow Cells
Yang, Yunzhi Peter; US
Bio-Inspired Approaches for Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering and Beyond
Yi, Gao; Singapore
Synthesis of Homogeneous Gold Nano-Plates for Localized Surfaces Plasmon Resonance in Near Infrared Region
Yoshikawa, Masataka; Japan
Hard Tissue Formation by Bone Marrow Cells in Hybrid Scaffold with Tryptophan or Lysine Coating Sponge / Hydroxyapatite
Yoshikawa, Masataka; Japan
The Effect of Two Amino Acids for Hard Tissue Formation by Bone Marrow Stem Cells In Vitro
Zan, Xiaoli, Singapore
Freestanding Graphene Paper Decorated with 2D-Assembly of Au@Pt Nanoparticles as Flexilbe Biosensors to Monitor Live Cell Secretion of Nitirc Oxide
Zhiyong, Zhang; China
Translational Research of Bone Tissue Engineering - a Paradigm Shift from Autologous Therapeutic Strategy to Allogenic Product Development and Pathological Condition Treatment













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